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10 Deadlifts
10 Front squats
10 Presses

5 Squat cleans
5 Presses

Row 500m (1:46ish)
Run 1km (5:25ish)


10-9-8…3-2-1 Front squats @ 40 kg
Supersetted with
1-2-3…8-9-10 x10 Cable crunches @ “88” (Rx: 15′ rope ascents)
For time = ~33:40


I figured 10 pulls (various techniques) on the cable would roughly equal a 15′ climb. Maybe not given that the climb is more leg driven than anything, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It didn’t seem like a good idea from about round six, grinding out 58, 59, 60 and trying not to think about the 70+80+90+100 reps to go.

Front squats felt challenging to begin with and got better as I got hotter, but technique was solid all the way through.

A quick lap around my favourite Williamstown loop. With a few refinements this could become a really good one hour lap. Just gotta remove a few t-lighted intersections.

~50 minutes on the roadie

1.5–2 hrs of swinging a mattock in a confined space with bonus shovelling of clay.

Good times.

Today was your average awesome Melbournian Autumn day, and Nell took me out for a wee loop about the foothills of Eltham. 60k / 1,150ish m vertical and 2:30 in the saddle made for a solid outing for me, and a recovery day for him.


Time: 02:29:18
Distance: 61.76 km
Elevation Gain: 1,152 m
Avg Moving Speed: 25.8 km/h
Max Speed: 85.1 km/h >:D

Some of today’s roads:

Numbers and map: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/73019339

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Spent Saturday building us a new front path. Moved half a tonne of bricks on and off a ute. Shovelled two cubic metres of soil and one of sand, drove vibrating plat compactor. All done in just under 12 hours. Stopped for breakfast and lunch.

Warm up

Row 1,500m
Air squats, push-ups, 3s and 5s at the work weight for the WOD.

CF mainsite WOD

5 Back squats @ 55kg (Rx 102kg)
3 Bench press @ 40kg (Rx 80kg)
AMRAP in 12 min

= 13-14 rounds (lost count)

Take a bite. Chew.
Bites will be one week in size. Meals will be a mashup of bike, scaled main-site and the random odd or end.


10 min Steady State : 5 min recovery
x 3

7 Pseudo planche pushups
15 Deadlifts @ 55 kg
30 steps Walking lunge
x 4 rounds

= 9:34

Row 450m (in lieu of running 400)
15 Snatchs @ 22.5kg (Rx 34)
9 Pike push-ups (in lieu of HSPU)
x 3 rounds

5:23 + 6:19 + 7:00
=  18:43


Off the back of a very slack period. I’ve become caught up in an after hours project with Yori and Jase, the iOS devs at work. We’re working on a new version of Jase’s AlienBlue Reddit client for the Mac platform, which is both addictive and … sedentary!

If I’m going to train through this project (and I mean train at all, not just with specificity) I’m going to need to really pin my sleep down. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in bed before 11.


Row instead of run because others were on the treadmills. Probably should have been more like a 5 or 600 based on time, but 450 is plenty enough to pop the HR through the roof. I recovered my breath to within a reasonable range before each of the snatch sets, which weren’t challenging weight-wise, but I wanted to keep form pretty good and the chrome bars at work make snatch grip very challenging. Pike push-ups were good.

Shovel remaining cement gravel into buckets. Carry buckets to skip and empty.
Repeat for 20-30 buckets worth.

2 hrs.

March 2011

On the bike

CrossFit benchmarks

100 Burpees: 11:07 10:32
50 Burpees: 4:24
Angie: 30:47 (60 pull-ups only)
Annie: ---
Cindy: 13 rounds
Dianne: 39:07 (scaled)
Elizabeth: 24:47 (scaled)
Fight Gone Bad (3 rounds): 311
Filthy Fifty: 31:16
Fran: 10:31
Grace (35 kg): 4:25
Hangover Cure: 8 rounds
Helen: 11:10
Jeremy: 13:33
Kelly: 36:09
Linda (scaled): 1:17:04
Michael: 32:30
Murph: 54:17
Nancy: 17:30 (scaled to 35 kg)
Nate: 7 rounds (scaled)
Nicole: 3 rounds, 19 pullups

Row 1k: 3:26.3
Row 2k: 7:15.4
Row 500m: 1:35.7
Run 5k: 24:05 (Feb 17)

Weightlifting PBs

Bench Press: ---
Clean: 70kg
Jerk: 70kg
Press: 52.5kg
Snatch: 47.5kg+
Squat (back): 102.5kg
Squat (front): 85kg (x2)
Deadlift: 130kg
CrossFit Total: 623


3RM OHS: 55kg
3RM Front squat: 82.5kg (x5)
3RM Back squat: 90kg
3RM Deadlift: 130kg
5RM Press: 45kg
5RM Front squat: 82.5kg
5RM Back squat: 90kg
5RM Deadlift: 120
20RM Back squat: 65kg