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Run 400m (treadmill)
15 x OHS @ 35 kg (Rx = 42.5)
x 5 rounds

= 22:47


OHS squats were broken at 10 after the first round, with some niggling NQR feeling in my right hip. The runs were destruction, beginning strongly with my weight way forward and the perfect “forever falling” feeling at 16 (km/h?), but dropped to 15, then 14.5, then 13 and finally a brisk jog at 12.5. There was gasping; and I tore up the ends of my toes a little running barefoot on the treadmill.

22 minutes is close to a solid five slower than my PB. Waiting for the treadmill to come up to speed definitely accounts for some of that, but most of it is declined fitness. I put a stop to my consistent CF training to focus on the Otway Odyssey, and it worked well. But that was in 2009 (for the 2010 race) and it’s now 2011.

Time to get back on it (and by “it”, I mean training like I mean it).

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8:30 AM


CFE: Long intervals: 2 x 12 min, 2 min recovery

  1. 6.23 km / 31.2 km/h
  2. 5.78 km / 28.9 hm/h

GPS data

5:00 PM


Snatch drills, OHS
3 @ 42.5 kg
2+1 @ 47.5 kg
3 @ 47.5 kg
5 @ 42.5 kg


3 Snatches @ 30 kg (Rx: 42.5, and previously 32.5 kg)
15 Overhead squats
400m Run
x 5 rounds

= 17:30.7

  1. 3:21.0
  2. 3:35.3
  3. 3:28.7
  4. 3:33.0
  5. 3:31.2


Long intervals along the river before work were great. A little gravel, a little path-side singletrack and a little water make for a much nicer session than anything done on the trainer.

The afternoon’s workout was cause for butterflies with the legs already slightly toasted. I decided to be smart and scale down to 30 kg – five rounds of three and fifteen overhead sounded rough. It was, but it was also completely unbroken. 35 is definitely doable, and I might’ve gone for that weight had I known it was the weight I’d used for previous Nancies. 42.5 would have made for a long and sketchy workout, but … it’s not outside the realm of possibility. On the other hand, 17:30 is pretty much bang on my 35 kg Nancy PR, even with the snatches. That’s good. >:)


  • 3 eggs, 2 carrots, macadamia nuts
  • Tea
  • Vietnamese coffee (inc. sweetened condensed milk)
  • Big chicken, veggie & tofu laksa
  • Ricottta hotcakes with mapel syrrup and poached fruit (oops)
  • Macadamia nuts, apple
  • Organic chicken pie w veggies
  • Apple pie w cream
  • Tea
  • Macadamia nuts

Food wasn’t quite to plan – Christen offered to make us all Viet coffee the oldschool Viet way and I didn’t want to be a dick and say no. At lunch I saw ricotta hotcakes and figured they’d be ricotta hotcakes (savory) with poached fruit, but they turned out to be regular hotcakes with mapel syrrup and sugar syrrup-poached fruit. Oh well… Very yummy anyway.

I seriously had very little left in the tank on the ride home, and walked in the door to the smell of Hook & Spoon pie. Backed up with Hook & Spoon apple pie (just a little). Can’t say no to that, gotta keep up family relations and all ;)


Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 Overhead squats @ 35kg (Rx: 42.5kg)
Time: 17:30ish PR!

Well, you just never know. After a night of broken sleep I woke up feeling a little sub-standard and almost skipped the WOD completely. I headed up to the work gym unsure if I’d tackle Nancy or not (solid iron weight make dumping the bar a non-option). The warm-up felt bad. 25kg on the bar for 10 reps felt very difficult but I decided to suck it up and at least put a score on the board.

Running on the treadmill is a mixed bag – it takes a full 40 seconds to come up to full speed (and in the latter rounds holding a finger steady on the ‘+’ button became a challenge, but in the final 150m of any given round it’s easier to resist dialling down the speed than it is to resist the same urge outside.

Unbroken OHS for the first three rounds. Broken once in round 4 and three times in round 5. Runs were increasingly fast, the final one done at 18 (km/h?) with an incline of 2 and felt good save for a blister on each of my big toes – a consequence of being barefoot.

I’m pretty happy with that time, mostly because I’ve been looking back over this log thinking that I’m not as fit or as disciplined as I once was. It’s nice to see evidence that maybe that isn’t the case.


  • Oats w/WPI, apple, almonds [4/4/8]
  • Coffee
  • Chicken and salad wrap w egg [4/4/4]
  • Coffee
  • WPI, two small oranges, almonds [2/2/6]
  • 4 egg omelette + ham, broccoli, cheese, brussels sprout and olive oil + almond butter and a few M&Ms [4.5/4/6]
  • Hot cocoa w 1tsp honey
  • Oats (cooked) w blueberries, WPI and almonds [2/4/6]
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Wednesday 080416
Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Exercise Sets/Reps/Dist Weight/Time
Run 400 m
Overhead Squat 15 reps 35 kg
Run 400 m
Overhead Squat 15 reps 35 kg
Run 400 m
Overhead Squat 15 reps 35 kg
Run 400 m
Overhead Squat 15 reps 35 kg
Run 400 m
Overhead Squat 15 reps 35 kg



The weight was perfect. Challenging enough to make it though an unbroken set (dumped twice in the first one), but not so heavy as to make it impossible. Like almost every metcon + OHS workout I think I’ve ever done, the squats got easier the warmer I got. Stabilisation was an issue in the first round and I had to dump once in the third, but otherwise unbroken.

I told Pete yesterday I wanted to do it with 40, but I never would have made it through the fist two rounds with that weight. I found it hard on the wrists. It’s also one of those ones that sneak up on you – you’re holding so tight for the OHS that you don’t realise you’re breathing hard until you dump the last rep and collapse on the ground.


  • Oats w protein, nuts, berries [4/2xFat]
  • Coffee, bacon, eggs, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes, sourdough [Umm?]
  • Omelette w broccoli, cheese + olive oil
  • 2 nectarines, cottage cheese, nuts
  • Chai tea
  • Jasmine tea
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June 2020

On the bike

CrossFit benchmarks

100 Burpees: 11:07 10:32
50 Burpees: 4:24
Angie: 30:47 (60 pull-ups only)
Annie: ---
Cindy: 13 rounds
Dianne: 39:07 (scaled)
Elizabeth: 24:47 (scaled)
Fight Gone Bad (3 rounds): 311
Filthy Fifty: 31:16
Fran: 10:31
Grace (35 kg): 4:25
Hangover Cure: 8 rounds
Helen: 11:10
Jeremy: 13:33
Kelly: 36:09
Linda (scaled): 1:17:04
Michael: 32:30
Murph: 54:17
Nancy: 17:30 (scaled to 35 kg)
Nate: 7 rounds (scaled)
Nicole: 3 rounds, 19 pullups

Row 1k: 3:26.3
Row 2k: 7:15.4
Row 500m: 1:35.7
Run 5k: 24:05 (Feb 17)

Weightlifting PBs

Bench Press: ---
Clean: 70kg
Jerk: 70kg
Press: 52.5kg
Snatch: 47.5kg+
Squat (back): 102.5kg
Squat (front): 85kg (x2)
Deadlift: 130kg
CrossFit Total: 623


3RM OHS: 55kg
3RM Front squat: 82.5kg (x5)
3RM Back squat: 90kg
3RM Deadlift: 130kg
5RM Press: 45kg
5RM Front squat: 82.5kg
5RM Back squat: 90kg
5RM Deadlift: 120
20RM Back squat: 65kg