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Run two laps of the block.

3 Pull-ups

15 x
Back Squat
@ empty bar

20 x The Bastard @ 12.5 kg
= 9:50ish

5 Dead-ball slam @ 11.5kg ball
5 Med ball thruster / wallball @ 11.5kg ball
Rest 10 breaths


150 dumbbell thrusters @ 10 kg DBs (Rx: wall ball @ 9kg ball)
Time: 11:32

Went for DB thrusters at 10kg each with the idea that it would make it more like throwing and catching. It didn’t. Shoulder burn-out kept things from getting overly metabolic and the legs were fine the whole time. BB thrusters still seem like the best sub.


  • Oats w/WPI, almonds, apple [4/4/8]
  • Coffee
  • Apple [0/2/0]
  • Cauliflower + haloumi fritters, muesli + plum and rhubarb compote [0/4/2]
  • Coffee
  • Orange, kiwi fruit [0/3/0]
  • Pork chop w sauteed asian greens [4/2/4]
  • Apple crumble w cream [0/4/2]
  • Tea


For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 16 kg
50 steps: Walking Lunge
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 20 kg
50 Back extensions (sub: Good Mornings 20 kg)
50 Wall ball shots, 11 kg ball
50 Burpees
50 Double-unders


0:31:16.2 PB!
Old PB: 32:14


Lost some time looking for where I’d put the KB, which I’d moved earlier to make it easier to find/grab. First time doing this without interruption, sub-optimal subs or injury. Had to do step-ups in lieu of box jumps due to there not being anything sturdy enough to jump on. Proper jumping pull-ups and as legit as I could make them K2E. The burppees sucked, K2E were very slow and DUs were a mess of post-burpee shoulder burn and spastic co-ordination. Sub-30 is within reach.


  • Oats w pear, almonds, protein [5]
  • Tea
  • Chicken salad w mustard mayo [~3]
  • Coffee
  • Tuna, apple, almonds [2]
  • Curried Chicken on Moroccan-spiced grilled vegetables and brown rice [4]
  • Tea
  • Cottage cheese, banana, almonds [2]


Wednesday 080409
Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Exercise Sets/Reps/Dist Weight/Time
Run 400m –:–.-
Box Jump 30 reps 24″
Wall Ball 30 reps 11 kg
Run 400m –:–.-
Box Jump 30 reps 24″
Wall Ball 30 reps 11 kg
Run 400m –:–.-
Box Jump 30 reps 24″
Wall Ball 30 reps 11 kg
Run 400m –:–.-
Box Jump 30 reps 24″
Wall Ball 30 reps 11 kg
Run 400m –:–.-
Box Jump 30 reps 24″
Wall Ball 30 reps 11 kg



On an empty stomach, I did this outside in the park while the sun was still coming up and Fee and Claire were asleep … absolutely beautiful start to the day and legit heights for the BJ and WB to help make it a kicker. I recorded splits instead of laps so I didn’t get my run times. Shoulders are pretty damn smoked after yesterdays SP/PP/PJ and the wall ball.


  • 16 hour fast
  • Green tea
  • Sushi / sashimi bento box
  • Dark chocolate protein bar
  • Coffee
  • Nuts

First experiment with IF. The 16 hour fast is surprisingly easy, especially with the morning WOD. I did get a bit hungry in the 16th hour but nothing awful. I will try to do this once or twice a week and do an eyeball paleo-zone as much as I can the rest of the time and see how it goes. I have a feeling it’ll work great for morning workouts – no need to wait for digestion time!


Filthy Fifty

Exercise Sets/Reps/Dist Weight/Time
Box Jump 50 reps 0 kg
Jumping Pull-up 50 reps 0 kg
Swings 50 reps 16 kg
Walking Lunge 50 steps 0 kg
Knees to Elbows 24 reps (Rx: 50) 0 kg
Push Press 50 reps 20 kg
Good Mornings 50 reps 20 kg
Wall Ball 50 reps 11.5 kg
Burpees 50 reps 0 kg
Double Unders 50 reps 0 kg



Fee got called in to work right before the K2Es, so I stopped the clock and came back to them a little colder than I should have. Managed on number 24 something painful tweaked in my right hip and I decided to be sensible and let the rest of them slide. I lost a bit of time dismantling my ‘box’ (stacked puzzle mat and plates) to make matting for the burpees. The burpees were tough and I dropped the push-up from all but the first 10 and the last 5. Tsk tsk tsk. By the way, it was 33° today.


  • 5 block breakfast: Muesli, nuts, grapes, cottage cheese
  • 5 block lunch: Two avocado, tuna, spinach and tomato wraps
  • Nuts and grapes
  • Salad, ham and avocado


2 min at each station, alternating sets with your partner (one works while the other rests). If you’re more than half way through your set when the timer goes, you get to rest while your partner starts on the first set of the next station. If you’re less than half way through, you move straight to the next station.

Three rounds of 2 min each station:

Exercise Sets/Reps/Dist Weight/Time
Wall Ball 10 reps 6 kg
Aquabag Hang Squat Clean 10 reps 20 kg?
Ab-wheel Rollout
(weak, from the knees)
10 reps 0 kg
KB Snatch 5 reps es 16 kg
Med Ball Thrusters 5 reps 11.6 kg
Ring Push-ups 5 reps 0 kg
Chin-ups 5 reps 0 kg

0:42:00 (2 min x 7 stations x 3 rounds)



  • Muesli w/yoghurt and strawberries
  • Tea
  • Orange Juice
  • Kiwi fruit
  • 1/2 a Salmon risotto, 1/2 a Pumpkin and fetta pizza
  • Coffee
  • Soba noodle and pork soup
  • Organic hot cocoa w/honey
  • Green tea

February 2020
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On the bike

CrossFit benchmarks

100 Burpees: 11:07 10:32
50 Burpees: 4:24
Angie: 30:47 (60 pull-ups only)
Annie: ---
Cindy: 13 rounds
Dianne: 39:07 (scaled)
Elizabeth: 24:47 (scaled)
Fight Gone Bad (3 rounds): 311
Filthy Fifty: 31:16
Fran: 10:31
Grace (35 kg): 4:25
Hangover Cure: 8 rounds
Helen: 11:10
Jeremy: 13:33
Kelly: 36:09
Linda (scaled): 1:17:04
Michael: 32:30
Murph: 54:17
Nancy: 17:30 (scaled to 35 kg)
Nate: 7 rounds (scaled)
Nicole: 3 rounds, 19 pullups

Row 1k: 3:26.3
Row 2k: 7:15.4
Row 500m: 1:35.7
Run 5k: 24:05 (Feb 17)

Weightlifting PBs

Bench Press: ---
Clean: 70kg
Jerk: 70kg
Press: 52.5kg
Snatch: 47.5kg+
Squat (back): 102.5kg
Squat (front): 85kg (x2)
Deadlift: 130kg
CrossFit Total: 623


3RM OHS: 55kg
3RM Front squat: 82.5kg (x5)
3RM Back squat: 90kg
3RM Deadlift: 130kg
5RM Press: 45kg
5RM Front squat: 82.5kg
5RM Back squat: 90kg
5RM Deadlift: 120
20RM Back squat: 65kg